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Trump Administration revs up push for Medicaid block grants

Trump’s proposed budget “proposes to give states additional flexibility over their Medicaid programs by transferring control of Medicaid transformation efforts locally where it belongs.  The administration recognizes that the only way to reform Medicaid and set it on a sound fiscal path is by putting states on equal footing with the federal government to implement […]

Insulin prices for Cigna customers in SC could drop to $25 a month

“With rising insulin costs attracting more scrutiny, health insurance giant Cigna and its benefits arm are cutting their prices for the life-saving treatment to $25 per month from $42”

Map of all states’ Medicaid expansion and work requirements status

·       Traditional Expansion:  26 States ·       Expanded with 1115 Waiver:  7 States ·       Ballot Initiative to Expand:  3 States ·       Note Yet Expanded:  14 States

Trump Administration appeals KY, AR rulings Wednesday blocking Medicaid work requirements

“The appeals come two weeks after a federal judge in Washington issued opinions that President Trump’s top health aides had been ‘arbitrary and capricious’ in allowing the new rules and failed to consider their effect on vulnerable residents’ access to health insurance”

U.S. Senate hearing: CVS, Cigna, Humana blame Big Pharma for skyrocketing drug prices

“Five of the nation’s largest pharmacy benefit managers deny that the so-called backdoor deals with drug manufacturers are responsible for the sticker shock some patients see”

Republicans’ ‘repeal and replace’ inaction has boosted ACA’s popularity

Deep dive: The Medicaid MLTSS market shift

“There are at least seven states actively considering adding MLTSS to their Medicaid models. States such as Michigan and Nebraska are making sure they have the right infrastructure in place to make these new systems a success. States are also increasingly looking towards plans that serve the “whole person” and offer a full array of […]

Speaker Pelosi says she’s ‘agnostic’ on Medicare-for-All

“We all share the value of health care for all Americans—quality, affordable health care for all Americans. What is the path to that? I think it’s the Affordable Care Act, and if that leads to Medicare for All, that may be the path”
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GOP puts off health plan until after 2020 elections

“Heading into the campaign season, the GOP is now on track to pursue targeted measures aimed at lowering drug prices and out-of-pocket costs, as well as attacking such ideas as Medicare for All. Democrats are focused on driving down costs and defending the ACA against GOP-led legal attacks, with some in the party floating broader […]
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Many states see managed care as ‘only way’ to handle costs of an aging population

“Medicaid spending forms the cornerstone of long-term services and supports (LTSS) as the population ages, but is facing increasing constraints as states try to navigate tight budgets — and managed Medicaid is emerging as an increasingly attractive option for states to do more with less”
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