Monthly Archives: April 2019


Hospitals stand to lose billions under Medicare for All

“The prospect of such violent upheaval for existing institutions has begun to stiffen opposition to Medicare for All proposals and to rattle healthcare stocks.  Some officials caution that hospitals providing care should not be penalized in an overhaul”

Affordable Care Act robs Medicare

“Congressional Budget Office estimated after ObamaCare passed in 2010 that over a 10-year period beginning in 2013, the law would take $716 billion from Medicare to subsidize ObamaCare exchange premiums and its broad expansion of Medicaid”

President Trump signs bill to improve care for kids with complex medical conditions

“The Advancing Care for Exceptional (ACE) Kids Act would help make it possible for healthcare providers to coordinate care, lower costs, and improve quality outcomes for children with complex medical conditions on Medicaid who require specialized care”

Loophole lets SC hospitals take millions from residents’ tax refunds for unpaid bills

“A law originally written to help state and local governments collect debts is being used to seize tax refunds from people with past-due medical bills. The S.C. Department of Revenue does the legwork, and the cash flows straight into the coffers of some of the region’s largest health care companies.  The payoff is huge”

How Medicaid can revamp social determinants of health programs, community health

“Most states that are leading the way addressing the SDOH agree that expanding interventions to all patients, not just those who are high-risk, will be essential. This will require use of standardized screening tools, more coordination with community health workers, and primary care integration”

Medicaid could save $2.6B nationally within one year if just 1% of recipients quit smoking

“The median state would save $25 million, ranging from $630.2 million in California to $2.5 million in South Dakota”–mcs041119.php

Florida bills would allow Uber, Lyft to provide non-emergency rides for Medicaid patients

“Companion House-Senate bills that would authorize the use of ride-sharing services to shuttle Medicaid patients to and from doctor appointments as a way to save money and better ensure continuous care are poised for adoption this session”

U.S. Senate Majority Leader McConnell: Medicare-for-All is a ‘far-left social experiment’

U.S. House Speaker Pelosi: We must strengthen ACA, rein in high drug prices, and ease Medicaid DSH cuts