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Trump officials take bold steps on Medicaid work requirements, block grants
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How are states addressing primary care quality in Medicaid managed care?

“Three-quarters of the state strategies explicitly plan to use managed care as a means of identifying and addressing underlying social determinants of health, such as housing or transportation needs”
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Medicare-for-All won’t result in better health outcomes

“If giving people government health insurance actually leads to improved health outcomes, states that expanded Medicaid should have seen a measurable decrease in mortality rates. But they didn’t”

What Medicare-for-All would mean for doctors and hospitals

“The renewed interest in Medicare for all has prompted the American Hospital Association, Federation of American Hospitals and American Medical Association to join a national coalition seeking to chill the growing fervor. Instead, they are pushing to strengthen employer-based policies”
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The U.S. War on Poverty remains a stalemate

“Education gaps between socioeconomic classes haven’t narrowed in the past half-century”
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How healthy are SC counties? Yearly ranking’s new criteria shuffle the deck a bit

“The report looks at a variety of measures such as health behaviors like smoking and teen births, socioeconomic factors such as income inequality and unemployment, physical indicators like pollution and commute to work, and clinical factors such as the number of uninsured residents and flu vaccination”  
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