For nearly 20 years the South Carolina Alliance of Health Plans has been the state’s leading voice for market drive innovation and solutions to health care challenges. SCAHP members include commercial health plans, Medicaid managed care organizations, third party administrators, brokers and agents, and industry stakeholders. Our broad coalition is united in its commitment to:

• Responsible and effective legislative advocacy on health related issues
• Educating consumers and employers about health care quality and affordability
• Engaging the community on disease management and education
• Working with regulators at the state and federal levels to develop transparent and effective regulatory frameworks for public and commercial health plans.

As the trade association for the payor community in South Carolina, SCAHP goals include:

• Providing high value health plans at affordable prices;
• Supporting innovative technologies and health care services to improve access and outcomes as well as reduce costs;
• Being a leading resource for health care policy development
• Protecting the health insurance market place from unwarranted and excessive regulatory and legislative interference.

SCAHP plays a major role in maintaining a health business climate for the industry and providing a better standard of care for all South Carolinians. SCAHP’s active participation in the legislative process enables association members to build lasting and meaningful relationships with the South Carolina General Assembly, the executive branch, industry regulators and members of the health care community.